Saturday, September 13, 2008

Podcasting for Posterity

Today's entry is not really about ed tech except in the context that I taught my father a new technology. You see, he is currently fighting a terrible disease and he wanted to be able to capture his memories for generations to come. At first, he requested that we buy some kind of voice-recognition software because he is really too tired/weak to type (and he's never been that a great a typist, by his own admission, to begin with). I explained that this software needed to be trained and he really didn't have the patience for that. Besides, I had a better idea. Why not record his thoughts and memories using the voice memo feature of his iPod video!? I bought him a special mic that works with his device and showed him how to use it and we even recorded the first episode interview-style! He loves it! Now, I'm the one who is converting the files to .mp3 and uploading it to his newly started blog (also created by me), but I think that's ok. He's very excited to be podcasting his memories for posterity and gets this burst of energy when he is recording the stories. It makes me feel great that there is something I can do for him which he is able to enjoy during this difficult time. Dad, I love you very much!

Please check out Lloyd's Land and post a comment so that he knows people are listening. Thanks!