Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sun goes for Gold at the Olympics

Sun Microsystems unveils a new Facebook application created by Zembly (Sun's social network for developers of social applications) called myPicks Beijing 2008.

This Facebook game allows people to predict winners in the 2008
Summer Games on behalf of themselves and their countries.
  • When you first add the application, identify yourself with your country.
    If your predictions are accurate, you win points. All points accumulated are also credited to
    your country.
  • You can view the leaderboards of countries & individuals. You can also see how
    your friends are doing and how your fellow countrymen are doing.
  • Using Zembly, this Facebook app scales to a very large number of users playing simultaneously so be sure to invite all your friends!

Use the widget to get some quick stats on the number of people playing the game for a particular country. The widget then takes you to a page that explains the game and then allows you to go to the location in Facebook where you can play the game.

Go for the Gold!