Friday, July 25, 2008

Social Networking Tools in the Classroom

This video report provides a review of social networking and Web 2.0 usage in the classroom. This was my midterm project for one of my classes as part of my Master's program in Ed Tech, but I thought you would all enjoy seeing and listening to some of the exciting ways that teachers are utilizing these tools in the classroom. This video report highlights three different perspectives.

  • Jen works for an education non-profit that services many schools in the New York City school district. Her job is to integrate technology into the curriculum at many different schools in the district.
  • Liz is an Instructional Technology Specialist and Director of 21st Century Learning outside of Boston, MA and she discusses technology integration at several schools in which she has worked.
  • "Linda" is a teacher in a 5th grade classroom on Long Island, New York known as “North London” collaborative. She, along with a co-teacher, are utilizing technology in innovative ways to enhance learning(Names changed).

I invite you to comment on this video, especially to add ways that you are utilizing blogs, wikis, podcasting and other social networking & web 2.0 tools in your classroom.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Homework Help

Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out to you because I need some assistance with 2 projects I am working on for my Master's program.

1. Calling all tech coordinators: If you are a tech coordinator in a school or school district, I'd love to get your feedback. I need to compose a wiki entry of about 2000 words on a particular sub-topic relating to computer networks at schools. I'm leaning towards one of these topics.
  • Desktop Choices - How do you decide if you are going to deploy PC's or Mac's? Have you considered thin client alternatives? Do you use virtual machines? When and Why laptop carts? Etc....
  • Support - Who provides it? How do you manage it? Do you get students involved? Etc...
  • Social Networking - Is it encouraged or discouraged? Where and when is it appropriate? Are the community and/or parents involved?
  • Vendors - How do you choose who to go with? How do you get your best pricing?

I'm also open to other options. Feel free to check out the table of contents for topic choices. Which would you most want to read about? Also, would you be open to reviewing my write-up when it's complete?

2. Calling all Educational Technology Specialists: If you are a computer teacher or are integrating technology into your own or other teacher's classrooms, I'd love to interview you. I need to create a 10 minute video posting on a specific topic. The topic I am targeting is the use of Social Networking in the Classroom. Questions I'd like to pose are:

  • Blogs - Are you maintaining one for student usage? Do your students maintain their own blog? What are you using them for?
  • Wikis - Do you have a class wiki? What do you post on it? Do your students contribute?
  • Twitter - How do you utilize twitter in the classroom? Have you introduced your class to YouthTwitter?
  • Skype - Have you used skype to enhance a lesson? In what way?
  • Other - Are you doing podcasting with students? What other social networking tools are you using? Would like to use?

I hope to "film" at least 30-40 minutes of footage for the 10 minute video. I'm thinking we can use webcams to accomplish the video regardless of your location. Alternatively, we can use Skype to record audio and I can supplement with Powerpoint slides. Please let me know if you are open to being "interviewed". Thanks very much!!