Friday, March 21, 2008

What's this all about?

Sure, there are a ton of blogs out there already on this topic. And I'm happy to point you to my favorites! So, how will this one be different? Well, for one thing, it's from my perspective, of course. But what is my perspective. This will give you some background...

  • I have a business (marketing) background and an MBA in Management Information Systems.
  • I have worked for 13 years at various technology vendors including Netscape and Sun Microsystems.
  • My technology expertise is in the areas of software infrastructure, desktop/thin client solutions and now Web 2.0 technologies.
  • I have a passion for educating parents, teachers and youth about online safety.
  • I am pursuing a degree in Educational Technology.
So, you might ask, if I am not already an Educational Technology Specialist, why I am qualified to speak on this topic? Well, since I am drinking through the fire hose as they say, I want to share it with you, bit by bit, so that maybe you can drink it through a straw!

I hope to share tidbits of information with you in a summarized format to make it easy to understand and use.

Features of my site will include:
  • Tidbit for Today - one highlighted site or tool for the day
  • Big Win - an example of successful integration of technology in the classroom
  • In the Cloud - forward-thinking ideas for where we go next
Hope you enjoy!


1 comment:

Tech Mom said...

Your blog looks great -- I too have started a blog on Web/Education 2.0 for parents from a parent's(me) perspective. I did it mainly (as you put it) to organize my thoughts as I navigate through the massive resources on educational technology. It was nice to hear someone say the same thing!! I felt like my reasoning wasn't so off base.
I am also trying to be a resource for the teachers in our school. I love your analogy of drinking through the fire hose (which is what I love doing) and distilling it down to sipping through a straw for them. So well said!!

Keep up the great work.